Presenter: Diederik Boertien (Centre for Demographic Studies, Barcelona)

When: Thursday 1st December, 13.00-14.30.

Where: Seminar Room 3, Badia Fieosolana.

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to improve on earlier estimates of differences in school performance between children of same-sex and opposite-sex parents by taking into account the way in which families are created. Earlier studies disagree on whether there exist any differences in the outcomes of children from both groups, and have not yet been able to make comparisons within precise subgroups of families. We use the American Community Surveys from 2010-2014 to look at grade retention among adopted children and children living with a step-parent (N = 1,315,723; 5,172 children of same-sex parents). Our preliminary results indicate that adopted children of same-sex parents do not perform worse than adopted children living with opposite-sex parents. The same conclusion holds once making comparisons within the group of children living with a step-parent. These results are robust to various checks, distinct sample selections, and the inclusion of socioeconomic control variables.